Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Innovation in Wireless Industry

In today’s age asking question like “What can technology do for me?” seems irrelevant. It should be other way round - “What you want technology to do for you?” Open up your mind, think about your wildest imagination and let your creativity flow, nothing is impossible. This is the age of a revolution in technology that would be an outburst with the advent of 4G wireless speed. Smart phones are getting even smarter each day and it’s just a matter of time when your phones will control all your daily activities. It all started with human interaction with digital world and now the digital world is interacting with human. Let me show you this video from QUALCOMM’s “Augmented Reality”:

Now, this is a game application on phones that has a come out live in real life. This stuff is really amazing and will completely change gaming industry for sure. Now think about the possibilities where we can use this kind of technology, for presentations, classroom lecture,  and the list is endless. 

People have started realizing the power of wireless technology and they need to deliver innovations faster from their lab to the masses. Many telecom operators have taken an initiative to open an innovation center. AT&T Foundry is one such step towards bringing out innovative ideas to the market and to the users. It is a joint collaborative effort of industry leaders like Alcatel Lucent, Ericsson, Samsung and many more. Verizon too has its own innovation center opened in USA. This center provides a platform for local developer, small company who can use the wireless infrastructure of the telecom operator to test their products and applications.

 A quote from Verizon website:

‘If we gave you the ability to WIRELESSLY NETWORK ANYTHING what would YOU do?’

So what would you do? Think about it!


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