Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mobile Originated Short Messages

A short messages originated from an MS may either be originated from the control channel or be originated from the service channel. This is subject to the setting of the MS.

Figure shows Procedure for originating a short message from the control channel

1. The originating MS constructs a short message (SM) and the SM is sent from the BSC over the control channel in the ADDS Transfer message to the MSCe. The message carries parameters such as the called address, telecom parameter identifier, location area identifier (LAI) and service bearer.

2. The MSCe converts the received SMD-REQ message into an SMDPP message, and then sends the SMDPP message to the message center (MC) serving the originating MS.

3. The MC returns an smdpp message to the MSCe to acknowledge receiving the message.

4. If a response-requested flag is carried in the ADDS Transfer message sent from the BSC, while the setting of software parameter 38 allows the response to the MS, the MSCe will send an ADDS Page message to the BSC to acknowledge the result of sending the SM.

5. If the MC does not have the routing address of the short message, the MC sends an SMSREQ message to the HLR for the address.

6. If the HLR does not have the address, the HLR sends an SMSREQ message to the MSCe/VLR that serves the terminating MS.

7. The MSCe’/VLR’ returns an smsreq message to the HLR. The message contains the parameter SMSADDR that indicates the routing address of the SM.

8. The HLR returns to the MC a smsreq message that carries SMSADDR.

9. The MC uses the address to send an SMDPP message containing the SM to the serving MSCe of the terminating MS.

10. The MSCe’ converts the SMDPP message into SMD-REQ message and sends it to MS’.

11. The MS’ returns an SMD-ACK message through the BSC after receiving the SM.

12. Upon receiving the SMD-ACK message, the MSCe’ returns a smdpp message to the MC.

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