Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What the hell is 4G ?

Have you ever wonder what all those 'G's' means in 1G-2G-3G and now the latest Buzzz in the market 4G !.
G is short of 'Generation' and it refers to nothing but the timeline of the wireless telecommunication. In a layman term it is similar to AD and BC we use to refer timeline of our Human race. 1G refers to the start of the wireless telecom world and 4G refers to the present era. So when next time some one ask you, do you have a 4G mobile all he is referring to " Do you have the latest mobile phone".

But to understand 4G in detail you need to first understand wireless technology and its evolution from 1G. So for now 4G refers to 4th Generation of wireless telecommunication and it promises to bring lightning data speed to the end user. So that a user can enjoy surfing the internet and other data services even while they are mobile.

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  1. What about 4G from ATT, Tmobile and Verizon how are they different?

  2. From an operator point of view 4G refers to the kind of service offered to its customer. 4G promises higher speed than 3G. Technically speaking ATT,T-Mobile and Verizon each of them are using different technology to bring out their 4G services. For example ATT and Verizon are using LTE,T-Mobile is using HSPA+ and Sprint is using WiMax to deliver faster Data speed to their customer.